The Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Dublin Ireland – Professional treatment

The Scalp Micropigmentation is a pigmentation technique done with a special type of tattoo machine and needles designed for this purpose. The objective is to inject pigments under the skin dermis to recreate a light and natural hair density, intended for men and women alike.


The results of the scalp micropigmentation last between 3 and 5 years before they fade noticeably. We therefore recommend retouching the pigmentation in order to make the effects last longer with an optimal look. However, never forget that semi-permanent makeup is an art more than an exact science, so results can vary from person to person due to their age, cellular regeneration capabilities, lifestyle and the level of pigmentation applied.

The treatment session

Depending on the area of the head to be treated, the session can last from 1 to 3 hours each. In general, the consultation appointment will take place days before in order to establish the necessary procedure plan that would produce the most optimal and desired results. During the treatment appointment, the technician will measure the area to be treated and will create a design that will blend seamlessly with your natural hairlines and forehead. Once this design and approved, the pigmentation process will begin.