Powder Ombré Brows is a semi-permanent make up treatment for colouring your brows and defining their shape. It gives that makes sparse brows look better by creating a natural effect with shading the colour of brows from a dark to a lighter tone. With this technique, certain areas of the brows are coloured with different shades by using microneedles allowing for a pigmentation at the epidermis level of the skin. 

Powder Ombre Brows create a specific natural look by using shades of makeup powder that seamlessly blend with your eyebrows and give them volume and shape. 

Powder Ombré Brows will let you have always on that perfect look you used to only get with eyebrow brushes or pencils after spending precious time applying them. With Powder Ombré Brows you won’t have to spend your precious time in getting that gorgeous look that was previously only achievable with makeup powder, pencil and shadow, now you can have it forever with no effort or drawbacks and we’re the operfect beauty clinic in Dublin where you can get it.


The results of the Powder Ombré Brows can last from 1 to 3 years until the colour disappears completely after slowly and gradually fading. We therefore recommend retouching Permanent Make Up

for longer-lasting results. However, never forget that semi-permanent makeup is an art more than an exact science, so results can vary from person to person due to their age, cellular regeneration capabilities, lifestyle and the level of pigmentation applied.

The treatment session

The treatment lasts between 1 and 2 hours depending on the specific look, pigmentation, contour, retouching, etc. After completing the request form, the technician will design the brows’ shape to your instructions and together will decide the pigment to use based on the desired effect. Only after all has been confirmed will the procedure start.